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Varicella-Zoster Virus:
Virology and Clinical Management
(Cambridge University Press)

Varicella-Zoster Virus: Virology and Clinical Management, a comprehensive account of the biology and clinical features of the varicella-zoster virus (VZV), will be available for purchase in mid-November 2000. The text, which will be published by Cambridge University Press, is edited by Ann M. Arvin, M.D., of Stanford University School of Medicine, and Anne A. Gershon, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons,

Varicella-Zoster Virus: Virology and Clinical Management surveys current knowledge of the molecular biology, pathogenesis, and clinical features of VZV as the causative agent of chickenpox and zoster (shingles). The volume covers such topics as viral replication, latency, immune mechanisms, epidemiology and disease manifestations, and complications of varicella and zoster. Also included is detailed information on live attenuated varicella vaccine, treatment strategies, and the management of post-herpetic pain in zoster patients.

According to the publisher, this volume is "the most authoritative review and guide to the virus and its diseases·(that) will appeal to a wide range of clinicians and investigators, including pediatricians, geriatricians, neurologists, dermatologists, infectious disease specialists, and virologists interested in the herpes viruses."

The following is a listing of the book's contents and contributors:

Preface, Anne A. Gershon
Introduction and Dedication, Ann M. Arvin and Anne A. Gershon
á Part I. History: 1. Historical perspective, Thomas Weller
á Part II. Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis:
2. Molecular evolution of alphaherpes viruses, Andrew Davison
3. DNA replication, John Hay and William Ruyechan
4. Viral proteins, Jeffrey Cohen and Paul Kinchington
5. Pathogenesis of primary infection, Charles Grose
6. Pathogenesis of latency and reactivation, Stephen Straus and Saul Silverstein
7. Host response to primary infection, Ann Arvin and Allison Abendroth
8. Host response during latency and reactivation, Anthony Hayward
9. Animal models of VZV infection, Catherine Sadzot-Delvaux and Bernard Rentier
á Part III. Epidemiology and Clinical Manifestations:
10. Epidemiology, Jane Seward
11. Disease manifestations, Phillip LaRussa
12. Clinical aspects of recurrent infection: herpes zoster, Kenneth Schmader
13. Disease manifestations, Michael Oxman
14. Ophthalmic zoster, Deborah Pavan Langston
15. Postherpetic neuralgia and other neurologic complications, Donald Gilden
16. Varicella and herpes zoster in pregnancy and the newborn, Gisela Enders and Elizabeth Miller á Part IV. Laboratory Diagnosis:
17. Laboratory diagnosis of VZV infection, Baghar Forghani
á Part V. Treatment and Prevention:
18. Management of postherpetic pain, Kathryn Elliott
19. Therapeutic immunization against herpes zoster, Myron Levin
20. Passive immunization against VZV infection, Phillip Brunell
21. Development of the Oka vaccine, Michiaki Takahashi and Stanley Plotkin
22. Primary immunization against varicella, Anne Gershon and Paula Annunziato
23. Epidemiologic implications/surveillance, David Weber and Lisa Saiman
24. Treatment of primary infection: varicella-intact and immunocompromised hosts, Richard Whitley
25. Treatment of recurrent infection: herpes zoster-intact and immuno- compromised hosts, Martin Wood and Martin Dedicoat

Varicella-Zoster Virus: Virology and Clinical Management, which features a list price of $130.00, will be available as follows:

U.S. & Canada
Cambridge University Press
110 Midland Avenue
Port Chester, NY 10573-4930 USA
Tel: 800-872-7423
Fax: 914-937-4712
Website: http://www.cup.org

Outside the U.S. & Canada
Cambridge University Press
The Edinburgh Building
Cambridge CB2 2RU United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1223 326050
Fax: +44 (0) 1223 326111
Email: directcustserve@cup.cam.ac.uk
Website: http://www.cup.cam.ac.uk

[Publisher's Information: Index 2000 / 544 pp. / 12 color plates / 21 halftones / 18 figures / 15 graphs / 1 line diagram / 38 tables / 0-521-66024-6 / Hardback / List: $130.00]